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Congratulations to Maurice Retout and Karolis Norvaisa who have been awarded a FNRS "Chargé de recherches" position

Published on June 22, 2023 Updated on June 22, 2023

After 3 years in the Jokerts' lab in San Diego, Maurice will return to the EMNS lab with an FNRS postdoctoral fellowship. In San Diego, he combined the skills acquired during his PhD at ULB in the synthesis and functionalisation of nanomaterials with those acquired in Prof. Jokerts' lab to design protease-responsive nanosystems for in vitro sensing and in vivo imaging. His project will focus on the development of an innovative cancer theragnostic platform comprising plasmonic nanomaterials functionalized with peptides for photothermia and photoacoustic imaging, in collaboration with Prof. Sophie Laurent (UMons & CMMI) and Prof. Ivan Jabin (ULB).

Karolis has joined the EMNS lab last year, just after finishing his PhD in Dublin. He has worked the past year on the development of synthetic transporters for inorganic phosphate. He will continue his postdoctoral stay with a mandate from the FNRS to pursue this research, aiming to transport different phosphorylated compounds across membranes.