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Prof. Gilles Bruylants


Professor Gilles Bruylants holds a degree in Chemical engineering from the Université libre de Bruxelles (2001) and a PhD in Applied Sciences (ULB, 2005), for research undertaken in collaboration with the University of Oxford on the complementarity of calorimetric techniques and NMR for the study of protonation effects in intermolecular interactions. Before being appointed at the ULB, he went for a post-doctoral stay at University of Oxford with Prof. C. Redfield on the study of protein dynamics by NMR relaxation measurements. He directs a research group working on the functionalization of nanomaterials for the development of molecular sensors and Smart Drug Delivery Systems. Since September 2020, Gilles is the President of the Educational Board in Chemistry and Materials Science (EPB).

Awards: Solvay Awards (Ph.D. Thesis), 2006; Prix annuel de l'Académie royale de Belgique, section chimie, 2011.

Research interests

Nanomaterials functionalization | Molecular sensors | Calorimetry | NMR spectroscopy

See the thematic Nanomaterials for sensing applications

Key publications

Extremely robust and post-functionalizable gold nanoparticles coated with calix[4]arenes via metal–carbon bonds
Troian-Gautier L., Valkenier H., Mattiuzzi A., Jabin I., Van den Brande N., Van Mele B., Hubert J., Reniers F., Bruylants G., Lagrost C. and Leroux Y., Chemical Communications 52, 10493-10496 (2016).

Rapid and Selective Detection of Proteins by Dual Trapping Using Gold Nanoparticles Functionalized with Peptide Aptamers
Retout M., Valkenier H., Triffaux E., Doneux T., Bartik K. and Bruylants G., ACS Sensors 1(7), 929-933 (2016).

UV–Vis and NMR study of the formation of gold nanoparticles by citrate reduction: Observation of gold–citrate aggregates
Doyen M., Bartik K. and Bruylants G., Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 399, 1-5 (2013).

Comparison of the Thermodynamics and Base-Pair Dynamics of a Full LNA:DNA Duplex and of the Isosequential DNA:DNA
Bruylants G., Boccongelli M., Snoussi K. and Bartik K., Biochemistry 48(35), 8473-8482 (2009).

15-N NMR Relaxation Data Reveal Significant Chemical Exchange Broadening in the alpha-Domain of Human alpha-Lactalbumin
Bruylants G. and Redfield C., Biochemistry 48(19), 4031-4039 (2009).

Differential Scanning Calorimetry in Life Science : Thermodynamics, Stability, Molecular Recognition and Application in Drug Design
Bruylants G., Wouters J. and Michaux C., Current Medicinal Chemistry 12(17), 2011-2020 (2005).


Gilles is (co)titular of the following courses:

Vulgarization activities

Gilles' Pitch on Usage des nanomatériaux: nanoparticules d’or pour le diagnostic in vitro et délivrance ciblée de médicaments in vivo on BX1 TV (12.05.2020)

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