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Prof. Kristin Bartik


Professor Kristin Bartik holds a degree in Chemical engineering from the Université libre de Bruxelles (1986), a Master’s degree in Food Science from Cornell University (USA, 1988), and a PhD in Applied Sciences (ULB, 1992) for research undertaken in collaboration with the University of Oxford on the use of NMR to elucidate protein structure. Before being appointed at the ULB, she worked at the Université de Nantes (France). Kristin is Full Professor since 2013 and directs a research group working in the field of physical organic chemistry (molecular recognition).

After having been Vice-Rector of the ULB in charge of University Strategy and Institutional Relations (2017-2020), Kristin was appointed in October 2020 Counsellor for Diplomatic Relations to the Rector. Since 2005, she is Executive Director of the Fondation Philippe Wiener – Maurice Anspach (https://fwa.ulb.be).
In March 2023, Kristin has been elected Titular Member of the Classe Technologie et Société of the Académie royale de Belgique.

Research interests

Supramolecular chemistry | Molecular recognition | Colloidal systems | NMR spectroscopy | Chirality...

See the thematic Supramolecular micellar systems

Key publications

Repositioning Chloride Transmembrane Transporters: Transport of Organic Ion Pairs
Grauwels G., Valkenier H., Davis A. P., Jabin I., & Bartik K., Angewandte Chemie International Ed. 58(21), 6921-6925 (2019).

Submerging a Biomimetic Metallo‐Receptor in Water for Molecular Recognition: Micellar Incorporation or Water Solubilization? A Case Study
Collin S., Parrot A., Marcelis L., Brunetti E., Jabin I., Bruylants G., Bartik K. and Reinaud O., Chem. Eur. J. 24, 17964-17974 (2018)

A Selective Calix[6]arenes-based Fluorescent Chemosensor for Phosphatidylcholine Type Lipids
Brunetti E., Moerkerke S., Wouters J., Bartik K. and Jabin I., Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 14, 10201-10207 (2016).

Primary Amine Recognition in Water by a Calix[6]aza-cryptand Incorporated in Dodecylphosphocholine Micelles
Brunetti E., Inthasot A., Keymeulen F., Reinaud O., Jabin I. and Bartik K., Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 13, 2931-2938 (2015).

Paramagnetic Relaxation Enhancement Experiments: A Valuable Tool for the Characterization of Micellar Nanodevices
Keymeulen F., De Bernardin P., Dalla Cort A. and Bartik K., J. Phys. Chem. B 117(39), 11654-11659 (2013).

The search for a deterministic origin for the presence of non-racemic amino-acids in meteorites: a computational approach
Vandenbussche S., Reisse J., Bartik K. and Liévin J., Chirality 23, 367-373 (2011).

129Xe and 1H-NMR Study of the Reversible Trapping of Xenon by Cryptophane-A in Organic Solution
Bartik K., Luhmer M., Dutasta J.P., Collet A. & Reisse J., Journal of the American Chemical Society 120, 784-791 (1998).


Kristin is (co)titular of the following courses:

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