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Matúš Chvojka


In 2018, I have finished my Bachelor’s studies in the Masaryk University, Brno, Czech republic. I did my research project in the company CF Plus Chemicals, where I was interested in synthesis and reactivity of substituted tetrafluoroethyl Togni reagents. Then I continued to pursue my Master studies in the group of Supramolecular chemistry in the Masaryk University. I finished my thesis project “Fluorinated bambusurils” in 2020 and was awarded a Department of the Chemistry Award for it.

I have started my PhD studies in autumn 2020 continuing on the research of bambusurils in the group of Supramolecular chemistry at the Masaryk University. I have obtained an Aspirant grant from the FNRS in 2021, which allowed me to start a joint PhD and join the Transport team in the EMNS.

Research interests

Passionate organic chemist interested and skilled in:

- organofluorine chemistry

- supramolecular chemistry; especially anion receptor/transporter chemistry

- optimization, economical and ecological aspects of synthesis

- laboratory management

- sharing knowledge and leading students

See the thematic Ion transport across lipid bilayers


Monofunctionalized Fluorinated Bambusurils and Their Conjugates for Anion Transport and Extraction.
N. A. De Simone, M. Chvojka, J. Lapešová, L. Martínez-Crespo, P. Slávik, J. Sokolov, S. J. Butler, H. Valkenier and V. Šindelář, The Journal of Organic Chemistry 87(15), 9829-9838 (2022).

Reductant-Induced Free Radical Fluoroalkylation of Nitrogen Heterocycles and Innate Aromatic Amino Acid Residues in Peptides and Proteins.
K. Rahimidashaghoul, I. Klimánková, M. Hubálek, M. Korecký, M. Chvojka, D. Pokorný, V. Matoušek, L. Fojtík, D. Kavan, Z. Kukačka, P. Novák, P. Beier. Chem. Eur. J. 25 , 15779 (2019).


I am part of the organisation team of the chemistry course ViBuCh for high school students, organized by Masaryk University. I assist in teaching of organic synthesis laboratories for bachelor students of chemistry and biochemistry in Masaryk University.

Updated on July 28, 2023