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Prof. Giulia Licini


Giulia Licini started her scientific activity at the University of Padova working on cycloaddition reaction of vinyl bis-sulfones. In 1985 she worked at the Institute Donegani, Novara on fluorinated polymers.  From 1986 to 1988 she carried her PhD at the UniPd,  working in Giorgio Modena's group on stereoselective sulfoxidation catalysed by Ti(IV) chiral complexes.  Then she spent one year at the Colorado State university in Albert I. Meyer's group working on tandem addition on naphthyl oxazolines. Giulia came back at the University of Padova as CNR research c/o Department of Organic Chemistry.  Then she became research associate (1990), assistant professor (2000) and since 2011 she is full professor of organic chemistry. 
Giulia is nominated Scientific Collaborator at the EMNS since 2013.

Research interests

  • Design and synthesis of new polydentate chiral ligands and receptors
  • Synthesis and structural characterization, reactivity and mechanistic study of metal catalysts bearing chiral polydentate ligands
  • Synthesis and use of alpha,alpha-disubstited amino acids in stereoselective synthesis
  • Design and synthesis of hybrid organic/inorganic materials for catalysis and molecular recognition


  See Giulia's orcid profile

Updated on July 27, 2021